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    Krzysztof Zanussi

    Krzysztof ZanussiKrzysztof Zanussi is one of the most well-known Polish directors, screenwriter. He works in the fields of cinema, TV and theatre.

    Widely educated (faculty of physics of Warsaw university, faculty of philosophy, and finally directors' faculty), Krzysztof Zanussi occupied merited place in the world cinematography of the second half of XXth century. His diploma project "Death of the provincial" (1966) even won the prizes at the festivals in Mannheim, Venice, Moscow. Following films - more than 30, including documentaries and TV-films - received prizes all over the world: Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Teheran, San Remo, Chicago, Panama. In 2000 the film "Life As a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease" was awarded with Grand Prix of XXII Moscow International Film Festival. According to world mass media Krzysztof Zanussi is named as one of twenty most outstanding directors of the second half of the XXth century.

    Krzysztof Zanussi teaches at High State School of cinema, TV and theatre, he is the professor of university in Katovicz, collaborates with National Film School in England. In 1998 he received diploma of honorable doctor of VGIK. Besides Krzysztof Zanussi works hard in the theatres of Poland, Italy, France, Germany and Russia.

    Selected Filmography.
    • 2002 - Supplement
    • 1997 - Last Circle
    • 1997 - Our God's Brother
    • 1992 - Long Conversation with a Bird (TV)
    • 1991 - Russia Today (documentary)
    • 1988 - Inventory
    • 1984 - Year of the Quiet Sun
    • 1982 - Imperative
    • 1980 - The Constant Factor
    • 1978 - Spiral
    • 1977 - Camouflage
    • 1975 - Quarterly Balance
    • 1973 - Illumination
    • 1970 - Family Life
    • 1969 - Structure of Cristal

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